Soon to be released on Xbox, and it WILL support Xbox Live. Proof (kind off) can be seen here. Question is whether it will just be 1 vs 1 or support 2 vs 2 or more? I also might need one of these so I can play PES (Pro Evolution Soccer in case your confused) online using the ps2 pad. Good as the Xbox pad is, the ps2 pad might be more suited to PES. I’ll wait till nearer the time, which is hopefully 22/10/04 according to Amazon or 12/11/04 if you look at Play.

PES is by far the best football game you can buy (ok – Winning Eleven is arguably better/as good as) but to be able to play this over the net via LIVE makes this potential game of the year material. Yes – getting excited, but its PES!

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  1. Yup – I cannae wait until PES4 comes out. The latest Winning Eleven is excellent but my Japanese ain’t too hot, so I’m sure I’m missing some of the new features.

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