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Looking back is never usually a good thing. Last year’s resolutions surrounded two main targets – lose more weight and getting more hands on with programming. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

A picture saves a thousand words:

Weight Loss 2008

After my last weight update I wanted to lose five stones in total. Unfortunately I didn’t make that target. Since Sep 07 I’ve lost four stones and 13 pounds. One lousy pound short of my target. Grrrrrrr. Never mind, I’m pretty pleased with the weight I’ve lost and I’ve done better than I thought I would when I started back in 07. I’ve not done the same amount of exercise in the later half of 08 as I did in the first six months but something that’s obvious to me (and everyone else!) is that without further diet changes I will put the weight back on slowly but surely which is obviously not what I want to do.

So the year ahead will see some more work on the weight and another target – get another stone off. That will take me down to around 13 and a half stones which I think is good for my height/frame and make a total loss of six stones from when I started in Sept 07. BMI will still be higher than recommended but that’s a guide only and not something I’m going to treat as a hard and fast target.

I’m also taking up hill walking. Got most of the gear now (waterproofs to buy – maybe I don’t need them for hill walking in Scotland ;-)) and first proper walk should be in the next four weeks or so with one taking place each month. Should also help with another thing I need to work on – taking more photographs. I know what I need to do but like most peoples resolutions that’s not the issue – it’s getting my ass in gear – that’s the issue.

Last year also had a ‘must get into programming more’ statement. That worked, not! Don’t know how yet but I want to set aside some time, regular time at that, to program for the iPhone.

Written down it all looks pretty simple. Happy new year folks! Hope you have a good 2009.

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  1. Awesome weight loss Ian. Having not seen you for some time, the weight loss was remarkable and you looked good for it. Maybe you can inspire me to do the same.

  2. Good advice. I plan to keep tracking. I know if I don't I'll just slowly increase in weight over time. 1.8 kg over Christmas is a timely reminder!

  3. About 4 years ago, I set out on a similar trajectory. My main aim then was to try and get as fit as possible but the end result was a similar graph. 3.5 Stone lost. However, I well and truly lost my focus and in the 3 year subsequent. I'm now heavier than ever and facing a huge mountain again. Notice and acknowledge when your back off the wagon…. perhaps keep drawing the graph and make a point of publishing it every now and again for accountability. That way, you won't ever need to do it all over again like me.

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