New Start

First day of new job. Now an IT geek at work and not just at home! If the first day is anything to go by then I’ve made the right move. The day flew by compared to the last few months of my old job. I know all days won’t be as good or interesting but hopefully they will be more common than not.

The next few weeks look like a steep learning curve back into Oracle development especially round APEX and getting all web 2.0 with it. Should be interesting. Also nice is that instead of having a window that looked directly onto a large shed I’m a bit higher up in a different building and get a wonderful view of Glasgow. On a nice day like today it was stunning.

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  1. Good luck fella, I’m sure you’ll do brilliant. You getting back into Simple Minds at the moment? Waiting for New Gold Dream to appear on the Last.FM thumbnails next!

  2. Glad the new job started so well. It was years ago I turned from Engineering to the “dark side”. I have never regretted the decision, and don’t expect you will either. Good luck.

  3. Might even be dabbling with Windchill in the next few months. To be honest I’ve been more IT than Engineering for years. It’s just more official now.

  4. hey, I’m going off topic from our “executive suite” at the Fairmont St Andrews using their wireless keyboard and (one of two) 32″” philips lcd’s in the room. its wireless’d up in here too. presidential is more appropriate methink. check out the flickr pictures later today! Julies dad reckons if we fell in the clyde we’d come out with a pair of salmon! Ian you should bring your mom up here for a weekend to celebrate the new job!

  5. Still waiting for photos! And surely we should be e-mailing this kind of stuff and not commenting on a blog post. Anyway, my names not Shirley.

    C a n ‘ t b e l i e v e I w r o t e t h a t.

    I need a break!

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