I’m hoping the DNS propagation has worked for everyone now and you should be seeing the site at it’s new home. I’m pleased with the increased speed and the new flexibility. There’s a few other things I’ve installed on the domain which are also working well – wish I’d made the jump sooner. I’m also moving more to using web apps and making my data available on the dektop, laptop and at work. Anywhere in fact. It will take a while but I’m slowly getting there.

WordPress 2.1 is also a nice if not very interesting upgrade. Auto saving of posts, resizing of text area, some small changes to admin areas are the most immediate changes. Oh – and the login page from Shuttle. Considering it’s a year in development that’s not much return. There’s a lot under the hood although not much documentation on release detailing where the changes are. Still…it’s free and still an impressive blogging tool. There’s a nod to CMS with the ability to set a page as the front page and blog posts elsewhere and a slightly easier image/file uploader and management but Joomla is a far better tool if CMS is your thing.

What is interesting is Habari. It’s a new blogging platform that’s way to early in development to use in anger. However the people behind it are some of the bigger names in the WordPress support/plugin/theme arena. What interested me is that they are pledging to follow a more cutting edge than WordPress which means it is potentially more difficult to setup and your mileage is very dependant on your webhost. Click here to read more on Habari. If your feeling bold and interested in following the development the code is available via SVN on the Google code site. I managed to get it kind off working although there is a lot of development happening on it so it should improve quite quickly. If you’ve ever wanted to get involve in an open source project from a coding or community point of view then this is the perfect time to get involved.

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  1. Funny how you mention the Shuttle interface, then Habari. Dig a little deeper into that story and you’ll find out why Shuttle was more whimper than bang… politics, gotta luv ’em

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