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Great to see Richard Hammond back on Top Gear tonight. When it happened I never thought we would see him back on TV joking about it, never mind just a few months after the crash. Pity the road laying ‘sketch’ was so lame. The crash film however was pretty shocking – amazing that he came through it at all. Thanks to YouTube it’s available only an hour after broadcasting (and pretty good quality too).

Shilpa wins Big Brother. No big surprise although good to see little mention of Jack’s girlfriend.

Sky HD rocks! Now that it’s back up and running I’m loving Battlestar and 24 in HD. The football over the weekend has also been good. There’s lots of rumours that Sky will be making Sky+ the default box from now on removing any cost for the service (about time). There’s even talk of making multi-room free. I can see the former happening but have doubts about multi-room. I wonder if there will be any announcements during the interim results on Wednesday? I would love multi-room to be free 🙂

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  1. So glad to see TG back and it amazing to see Richard alive, but maybe looking a bit shell-shocked? Its the same person, but a much more fragile and on-the-mend version. I thought Jeremys line ‘So, are you a mentalist then?’ was really funny. The most popular bloke in Britain? Undoubtedly. That mixture of terror/euphoria in his eyes during the test runs are not the kind of thing you’ll forget in a hurry.

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