Monkey Magic

The Olympics are only a few days away. I love the Olympics – so many different sports, so many heroes and increasingly more villains. The TV coverage by the BBC is usually excellent and this will be the first to be broadcast in HD. I’m already impressed with the marketing and titles that the beeb are to use:

They were produced by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn and are so different from the norm. That’s a good different by the way as there are lot’s of moan’s from traditionalists about the titles. Good to see the normally staid BBC doing something different. Let’s hope the GB team can be as successful. More importantly, let’s hope China do a good job of hosting the games.

Already there is doubts being cast on the full internet access that journalists were promised. Will they all stick to sport reporting or try and use this opportunity to report on what China really is like?

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  1. The BBC coverage of the past few years worth of major sporting events has been simply stunning. Athens coverage was fantastic – and this time they are offering even more. Can’t wait. I hope that the sporting stories are not overshaddowed by some journalist moaning about not having access to some completely un-sporting related website though…

    The world is what it is and as much as we, in our highly hypocrytical corner of the planet, think that everyone else has got it wrong, the Olympics for me should superceed the political and be entirely about the sport. About the best athletes pitting themselves against each other.

    As for the ads on BBC – I would admit to being perplexed the first time I saw it but not in a bad way… I liked the “Ahhh” moment at the end. Would love to have the imagination and skill to create something this creative.

  2. I pretty much agree. Hated all the talk at the end of last year about countries boycotting the Olympics and how it should be used to put pressure on China. Why should a sportsman who’s spent his/her life give up everything when politicians haven’t done anything? Barmy.

    BBC have always delivered with these big sporting events and I’m sure China will be no different. The Barcelona Olympics always stick in my mind as being particularly good. Stunning city acting as a backdrop to some great sport.

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