Hired a van today and with the help of Graham bought far too much at Ikea and then cleared out my garage. Since we moved in the garage has always niggled at me. 5 windows, a kitchen worktop, some kitchen cabinets and an old decrepit workbench from the 1920’s plus wood and car posters from the sixties had meant I could never get the place organised. Finally it has been.

The council dump was a bit weird though. No vehicles over the height of 1.8 metres is allowed in. The reason I needed a van was the size and weight of the stuff needing dumped. Looks like they want to encourage you to pay the council to take the sizeable rubbish away. Swine’s. Never mind – a good job well done.

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  1. Me too – garage clearing. It’s going to take more than one day though – a double garage that I could hardly get into – with boxes still unpacked from when we moved here 5 years ago.

    Now I’ve unpacked all but a couple. The mountain of boxes – flattened but they still take up lots of room as do the 8 black bags – will have to be put outside in the back lane to be taken away – and I’ve just had a splendid bonfire, which was a great reward for the slog of the previous 6 hours.

  2. Our council will do an “uplift” of larger items as part of the council tax I ALREADY pay them. Bugger paying them more!

    Our garage gets a tidy out once a year but we’ve still to tackle it. It’s old, leaky and full of spiders so generally I get to tidy it whilst Louise runs in and out because SOMETHING MOVED!!!! LOL

  3. Mine’s is old, leaky and full of spiders. I HATED cleaning it out at the weekend – even worse yesterday when i decided to move the stuff thats left into new positions – it was like the whole wall moving all at once. I’m shit scared of spiders….need to invent a spider killing spray – in fact an ‘all in one’ every bug known to man killing spray woukld be more in order.

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