If you don’t backup

Then this could happen. How much is YOUR digital data worth? I’m backing up the laptop and desktop but the NAS isn’t which is something I need to fix and soon. I couldn’t afford to go to a recovery service to get my data back.

I make use of SuperDuper which makes backing up a quick and easy task, documents are also held on .Mac as a further backup and recent images are on Flickr. I’ve been lucky and never had a disk failure (touch wood) but I know people who have and it’s not pretty. Even just having an external drive and dragging your data over once every few weeks would be better than a total loss. I hope if you read this and more importantly the linked post above that you heed the advice.

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  1. Its an issue thats importance will just grow and grow as we commit more of our time and resources online. Reading that link actually put me off getting a DV camera (which we’d been thinking about due to the kids!) due to the sheer enormity of what you’ll soon create. Eek!

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