0 thoughts on “Halo 3 Beta – 16th May”

  1. THE ARBATOR says:

    At least you get to play it for these 3 weeks, I am considering taking the 360 on Honeymoon to Get in some HALO 3.

    That is some messed up timing!

  2. Ian D says:

    That made me laugh out loud 🙂

  3. dietbruboy says:

    So am I right in thinking that it’ll launch 8am 16/05 uk time? Might want to take that day off – wonder how big the download is?

  4. Ian D says:

    I would have thought a similar size to current game demo’s – 500Mb to 1Gb?

  5. dietbruboy says:

    Well I could be gaming by midday then… defo taking the day off – especially as its a Wednesday and both boys will be in nursery. 😉

  6. Ian D says:

    I’m shocked. Although I’ll probably leave work early doors that day. Just to see what it’s like. Not that I’m obsessed.

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