Shakeel was up visiting so we took advantage of some nice weather on Saturday to plod round Glasgow and try out his new camera. It will take a few days for his pictures to appear but I’ve thrown up some that I took.

Glasgow Harbour
Kelvingrove Art Gallery
Glasgow University

It’s a bit annoying that I don’t get out and about photographing more as there’s some great spots in Glasgow. That was the first time I’d visited Kelvingrove since it had re-opened too. In fact it’s the first time I’d visited since I was a kid and thats shocking as I used to only stay a few hundred yards away. The interior looks magnificent now but it still had the same smell that I remember from all those years ago. However I only scratched the surface while I was there – I’ll definitely be back soon as it’s wonderful.

Something that hadn’t changed was Glasgow Uni. It’s been over 12 years since I left but walking round the quadrangles and seeing the exam desks – it was as if nothing had changed. Apart from my weight. Still – really nice day that made a change from buying more gadgets! Must do more often.

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  1. Ian, some truly excellent pictures. You’ve got a great eye for composition. Sometimes what you take out is more important than what you leave in. I love something thats framed well, cropping is such an under-appreciated skill. I’ve looked at everything apart from the Museum as I want to save that for taking the kids! We’ve done a ‘Clyde’ set too – maybe two years ago – nice to see someone elses perspective on it. Whats easy to forget is thinking back to 36 exposure film rolls, you’d be doing well to get six, maybe eight awesome pictures per film. Digital cameras have made photography more democratic – its not about how much you can afford to physically develop (and in doing so practice and experiment) any more.

  2. Cheers Roy. Digital makes a big difference for me as I’ve not got the steadiest of hands so I usually take 2 or 3 photo’s of the same thing going on the theory that one of them should be OK. The kids will love Kelvingrove – looked really child friendly, much more than I remember from my youth.

    Your also right about the democratic bit – never thought of it on that level. The biggest thing for me is that digital camera’s have made taking pictures easy and hassle free.

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