Shamelessly stolen from elsewhere but copied below for, well, Roberts benefit mostly (I should really be sending an e-mail at this point but others might find it interesting). GTA IV launches two weeks tomorrow in the UK and the first reviews are starting to surface. Below are links to a scanned copy of this months OXN review.

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Two weeks feels a long time away. I can’t wait to play this online.

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  1. Absolute class, Is it wrong to wanna arrange a date over the internet and shoot her square in the face? LOL, Sweeeeeeeet! Every time GTA comes out you think it cannot get better or more detailed but this sounds really amazing! Just scared that I get too engrossed and it becomes an addiction! It has happened before and it probably wil again (unless the clarehammer puts a stop to it.)

  2. The clarehammer (now with added rebeccahammer) I’m sure will have a say but I’m looking forward to seeing you online at some point. The detail that they look to have added over San Andreas is pretty mind blowing.

  3. I’m not going to read anything on it, just get it in and play.

    Got Assassin’s Creed on PC this week and it is good fun, reminiscent of Thief, but for shorter attention spans!

    Also Mario Kart Wii. First time in months I’ve switched it on.

  4. The review doesn’t give to much away – doesn’t even list all the multiplayer options that have been doing the rounds. As for Mario Kart on the Wii – I’m tempted to buy a Wii just for this but I know I’d play it only a handful of times before falling back into 360/PS3. I will try and resist!

  5. The new Star Wars game is supposed to be good on the Wii, but it has been a bit of a waste of space tbh. The friends lists are really badly implemented, although it is better on MK. You have to enter yet another sequence of numbers to add people separately though, which is stupid.

  6. Aye, online looks to be a bit convoluted. Using forums to share friends code just seems wrong, especially when they’ve already got the online Mii sharing going on – would a friends list have been that hard to add?

  7. If you registered an email address with the console it would have been easy. Not linking all the games to the central code is rubbish. The Microsoft system shouldn’t have been that hard to adopt without it becoming an obvious steal. Played MK online for the first time yesterday and it was great fun though!

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