Edge Covers

Back in March Edge celebrated their 200th issue. Something I kicked off earlier this year but didn’t get finished in time was to scan in all the Edge magazine covers. I love the covers and they were always distinctive when compared to the competition. Doing the scanning has taken longer than I thought but it’s now finally done. All 202 issues can now be found in my Edge Magazine Covers set on Flickr. I intend to keep it up to date (well, every six months or so) so it should provide a good resource of all the covers. My scanner doesn’t like the colour Orange very much though so a few of the covers look more pink than they should be. One day I’ll colour correct them but today’s not that day. A great way to view them is via the slideshow. Brings back a lot of memories and highlights how gaming has moved on in a relatively short time-scale. Where will we be in 15 years time? I’ll be 50!!!

Out of all the covers I have a few favourites. What’s common is that the one’s I like are the simple ones. Little text, no titles – the image speaks for itself.

Edge 128

Edge 084

Edge 184

Enjoy the covers. I know I do!

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