That’s the 360 now dead. Bugger!

More annoyingly is that the warranty ran out just last month. I’ve never known a console to fail so often as the 360. Amongst my usual gaming friends it’s running around 25% failure rate, some replacing it twice. Mine was one of the first batch and it seems likely that if you use (at least the first batch 360’s) regularly then there’s a good chance of failure. Hopefully for you it will fail in the 12 month warranty period. Now it’s decision time – get it repaired (probably at my expense) and hope it lasts or buy a new Core pack and get another 12 month warranty.

I’m not having a good run at the moment…fence, car scratch, sky box and now this. I thought things came in three’s?

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  1. When did you get your 360? If you bought it before January 2006, you can still get it fixed. Microsoft said that they will repair any First run 360’s that die for free.

    I’ve tried to find the page that talks about this, but haven’t been able to find it. You should call Xbox support though, you may still be able to get it fixed for free.

  2. William – thanks for the info.

    I’ve been in touch with Xbox support and it’s out of the 12 month warranty. I can find info on Engadget and other blogs saying Microsoft are offering free fixes to 360’s that were manufactured in 2005 (Engadget).

    On the Xbox site I can see mention of 12 month warranty only. At least this gives me some ammo when tech support call me back as they have raised it a little higher in the management chain to see if a free fix can be authorised.

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