Ben Lomond

My latest walk was last weekend and was up probably the most popular Munro in Scotland – Ben Lomond. With it’s proximity to Glasgow and a path all the way to the top it’s easy to see why so many people climb it. Unfortunately the weather last Sunday meant that the view’s all the way up, including at the top, were very poor.

Jim and Danny

The photo above show’s what a grey driech day it was. Ugghhh. Worse the little blacks dot’s you can see in the photo’s. Midges. The little bastards loved me and I ended up with around 100 midge bites. I’ve spent the last week trying not to scratch them as they are itchy as hell. I’ve been told to eat plenty of garlic before my next walk as that seemingly act’s as a deterrent. Time will tell although I’d appreciate any advice if someone know’s better!

The other issue with Lomond was just how busy the route was. We took the tourist path to the top and there were just too many scallies for our liking. You never felt you were in the great outdoors. After escaping the summit and grabbing some lunch away from midge hell we took the trickier route back down and we were rewarded with a far more interesting, trickier route which was quieter too – woo hoo. Even better, the clouds lifted slightly meaning we did get a couple of nicer pic’s.

Danny and Loch Lomond

I loved the walk down and next time I do Lomond I’ll be taking this route up and down as it really made the day for me. One other lesson was I need to drink more – I ended up with a migraine after the walk and feeling pretty dehydrated – not smart at all and something I’ll need to be careful with next time. Lot’s more liquid before and during the walk are required especially in the hotter weather.

Ben Lomond Runkeeper

This was the first walk with the iPhone 3GS and Runkeeper. Never let me down once and the battery life, I think, is better or the 3GS than the 3G but not by much. The full Flickr set is available here. Looking forward to the next walk already – here’s hoping for better weather.

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  1. Hi. Glad you enjoyed Ben Lomond – at least on the way down! Have you tried EcoGuard Midge Repellent? It genuinely works very well – see, about the 8th post down. There are lots of difference EcoGuard variations (… though the midge one has been especially formulated to provide effective protection against Scottish biting midges. Also, we are collecting midge info to create a 'midge map' for Scotland – would love your posts (

  2. I think the secret with any insect repellant is to have a sacrificial member in the group, in the form of someone who has no repellant on. Basically you have lots of hungry insects who are going to bite someone, if you all have on repellant, you all get bitten to some extent. But if someone doesn’t have any…….

    1. Trust me, I think I was sacrificed. The other two hardly got any bites…and I got loads. I'll be better prepared next time.

  3. Could anyone tell me where I can buy EcoGuard Midge Repellent? I don?t have the time to order it from the internet as I`m leaving home in a week…Thanks …Marianne

  4. The best thing for midges is a product from Avon belive it of not. Its call Skin so Soft Dry Oil Spray, the little buggers must hate the smell it really works. They sell it in Tiso outdoor shop if you can't get hold of an avon rep

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