Andy Murray

There’s been a lot of talk about how good Andy Murray will be in the coming years – I thought he was pretty special already. Far more enjoyable to watch than Tiger Tim and lots more aggression too. People are already suggesting that Murray’s attitude and confidence will backfire – what drivel. His presence on the court is a shot in the arm for British tennis and just what was needed. I loved it when he strode up to the net and patted it in just had his opponent had in the second round. Some more fitness and stamina, a bit more experience and this will be the first Brit Scot in years with a chance of winning Wimbledon without looking for luck and opponents dropping out.

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  1. Some things never change especially the way the meeja handles Scottish/English/British. Maybe we’ve all got a bag of McCains on our shoulders but I feel robbed everytime an Englishman wins something or a Britain (i.e. Scot) wins something.

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