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Three days from now I hope to have me greasy paws on an iPhone. I decided against v1.0 due to lack of 3G but as time went on I think the bigger reason, and certainly the most exciting thing about Friday, is the applications that will launch in the Appstore alongside the new phone and the v2.0 software. The iPhone is a new platform and from that point of view I can’t wait to see what app’s are available.

What I’m not looking forward to is re-joining O2. When I was previously with them I was never entirely happy with contract or upgrades. The deal looks good though and I think they’ve been pretty fair with existing iPhone owners so clean slate time.

Biggest issue on Friday will be limiting the spending on the Appstore. And finding an iPhone if O2 is to be believed. Happy days. Exposure, Twitterrific Touch and Super Monkey Ball will be 1st day purchases hopefully.

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  1. They get good press for the customer support, and as my ordered borked (I apparently managed to order 2 iPhones!) they sorted it all out in under 2 minutes.

    I’ve had an o2 SIM (PAYG) for a while now and I get way better coverage than I did with orange… so.. for me, bye bye crappy Orange, hello o2!

    And yeah, HELLO iPHONE!!

  2. That’s good to hear as I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with O2. I’m currently with T-Mobile and never had an issue with them – they were even spot on when I got the pac code at the weekend. Virgin Media could learn a lot form them!

  3. They’ve been fine for relatively easy issues like querying my bill but when it came to a technical problem the Indian tech support is very annoying.

    I had a problem with the headphone socket a couple of months ago which the o2 tech support man insisted was a headphone problem and that I must buy a new set of headphones to resolve it.

    Fast forward forty minutes later and I finally get him to arrange a visit to the apple genius bar for me… go to the genius bar the next day and the problem is resolved in five minutes flat as the phone is exchanged for a new one.

  4. Yeah, O2 are great for coverage. IBM just recently moved my mobex over to Vodafone, and I can’t get any coverage in the office now. Hopefully the AppStore will have a legit version of MobileScrobbler, currently the best app on Jailbroken iPhones and iTouches. On my touch, it uploads my listening habits whenever it gets a wifi connection, but on an iPhone it updates as you listen, which is pretty cool.

  5. Not sure it will be available with the background app restrictions. Time will tell. Not an app that’s high up on my list to be honest so no big loss for me if it’s not available.

  6. As I only use the iPod as my main listening source, and it’s such a hassle to make the iphone and itouch play nice with the macs audioscrobbler, mobilescrobbler is the killer app on the touch right now. Until it’s available, or something similar is available, on the appstore, I won’t upgrade my touch to the new firmware.

  7. I’ve kind of given up on I’m not really fussed about what other’s are listening too and the best stats for my listening habits are from my iTunes, not’s site. I guess if I got a lot of value from the site I’d think differently. I’ll also be using my iPod quite a bit as well as the iPhone, iTunes and the 360. Still, if an app was produced it would be nice. Just can’t see it happening.

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