So is the new twiiter? Hope they have a whale ready. Feels a bit slow but then it’s new and getting hit heavy. Will people move though? If the community of Twitter is split between different services it’s a loss for everyone…and we’ll be using tools to update multiple services. IM all over again!

More importantly, will have a status blog that’s as good to read as Twitter?

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  1. Heck, I don’t even like twitter. 😀 I thought tumblr was gonna end up replacing twitter – more useful as tumbles can be a little bigger than tweets. And twitter is soooo slooooow. Not really sure any of them are mass market though really – in comparison to blogs and vanilla html.

  2. I like the quick post idea of twitter…and the community/conversation aspect which tumblr doesn’t have. I used to have small posts (asides) on here but I’m now of the mind that short’s are for twitter, the blog for anything else. Twitter’s status blog is also a great read.

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