New web search engine from…Amazon! A9.com uses Google as its main search engine but adds a couple of nice features. Firstly your search results will contain any book references which are found in a seperate tab. Also, if you have an Amazon account and log into a9.com your search history will be displayed – handy when trying to remember how you found a particular website. Like Google they also have a browser toolbar which has the same features as Google but also contains a ‘diary’ feature where you can store comments/to-do’s against any websites. Nice.

However it looks more like Amazon trying to capture sales than anything else, and also the searches return less results than Google. Maybe they only have access to some of Google’s search engine? And I don’t like the idea of search results tied to my user account ties to my purchases. I’ll stick to Google for now.

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  1. Yep – Google’s still my home page. With stock market quotes, unit conversions,a calculator, a dictionary and news headlines as some of it’s extras, once I get my gmail account it should be the only website I ever need. Even if it’s broken, when’s the IPO?

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