360 Dashboard Update

Finally the update has been released. The full list of what has changed can be seen in this MS article. Notable features for me are:

  • Can now boot to dashboard rather than auto launch game
  • Background downloading. Download up to six files in the background. Playing online game switches off downloads smoothly with them resuming as soon as the game is finished. Playing video during download caused some slight stutter though. Game playing was smooth though (Table Tennis and Geometry Wars tested).
  • Music you select to play now works from dhas to game and vice versa.
  • Forward and reverse in video’s. At last!!!
  • Marketplace now easier to navigate

Also good was how quick the update was to install. The blades are also quicker to animate. Negatives – DVD playback still poor but maybe I’m expecting too much and/or comparing to far superior source so looking for more.

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