24 Series 5

Just watched the last two episodes and it’s a cracking end to one of the best series on TV. This series as a whole had some plot issues and pacing that I didn’t like but the series finale was one of the best I’ve seen. Roll on 2007 for 24 in hi-def.

Some other thought’s (spoilers ahead)

Loved the capture of Jack at the end although you knew there was more to come – it was just going too well…China never forgets was a great line. I’m guessing the next series will start with an escape/trade/rescue of Jack – I wonder if it will be set on foreign soil for the first time? Speaking of first time…surely the capture of Jack, his rough treatment and then placement on a ship at sea didn’t happen in real time. For me it’s the first time they’ve shown something that has happened out with the 24hours although they still kept the time ticking at the end of the episode…weird.

The submarine ending before the ending was rushed and fairly predictable although it was good to see they had no problem with Jack killing in cold blood. Robocop deserved it though.

President Logan was excellent – never really suspected him which is the whole point although I’m sure people who over analyse (who, me??) the program will tell you it was not a surprise.

What was good to see is that the producers aren’t afraid to kill off main characters that have run over a number of series. Keeps the viewers on your toes as you just don’t know who’s left.

Bad bits – too many twists for my liking and too many leads going cold and issues explored for an episode or two at the most. Last episode was very predictable – you knew the pen was going to give the president away. Chloe – is she played by a bad actress or a good actress told to act badly – she really irritates me. Jacks man bag – with that one bag he managed to carry a solution for every episode. It was like watching MacGyver.

Now that it’s finished what will take it’s place? Any recommendations?

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  1. We watched the season finale last night too and we were both blown away with the climax (albeit the minute the Chinese ‘agent’ came over Jules was shouting her head off from the sofa ‘Don’t go Jack, it’s a trap!!!!’).

    Will he get blackmailed into doing something totally un-patriotic by those slippery eastern dogs? Lets hope not. And what about the bloke ‘Graham’ from ER, is he one of David Ikes ‘illuminati’ or something? Well sinister!

    I noticed a lapse in the timeline too. One minute President Logan is unbuttoning his shirt, about to get jiggy, and in the next scene just moments later he’s helping the First Lady get her mourning dress on… What gives? Could the slippery bard also be a two minute wonder as well as a traitor?

    Best series so far though – most highs per day yet, and not too many dull not-much-happened-in-this-hour shows. Ok, its the polar opposite of LOST where there is almost no resolution to each episodes ‘revelation’, and probably has more in common with Flash Gordon (cliffhanger/miraculous escape time after time) but to moan about it misses the point.

    Chloe doesn’t irritate you because she is your stereotypical poor-social-skills IT expert perhaps? She’s hateful, but we do like her now and it wouldn’t be the same without her. Her ex-hubby was the absolute spit of my techy mate John who runs his own contracting business… http://www.silvercode.co.uk/

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