Two Tits

Well, after 10 weeks in the new house I’ve finally seen a pair of tits in the back garden (no, not mine). Two Blue tits have found the bird feeder and we now have regular vistors to the garden. Them and the local cats who take great delight in crapping on the grass. Never mind. 2 weeks to LCD…..Lawn Cutting Day. The joys of having a garden.

Crystal XBOX

So I’ve made the first purchase of my next gadgeting odyssey (wanky words a go-go). The crystal xbox. Exactly the same kit as the one I’ve got, but see-thru. Now – I’ve not gone completely mad – the old one isn’t going to waste or to the great console graveyard that is my attic. Firstly, the disk drive is getting repaired by Microsoft as after 2 years of hammering it’s not the most reliable.

Once I get the old one back I’ll then be adding a SmartXX chip and a 120Gb Maxtor drive. Why? Why not! Firstly it will let me play copied games, not that I’m some sort of dirty games pirate, but broadband will be my friend. Secondly, I can runs loads of emulators from the xbox – some arcade classics and maybe even Head Over Heels if I can find the rom. Thirdly, stream mp3’s from the pc and also internet radio. So killing lots of birds with the one stone. The reason for the new xbox is:

a) Mod will be done solo so who knows what may happen when random soldering is required
b) The crystal xbox will be live only games, so no chance of my xbox being banned.

Top smart.

Best Mobile Ever?

I’ve held off posting this for a while just to make sure I found no snags with it, but after 3 months of use and an absolute pounding when I moved house I can now say with confidence……the T610 is the best mobile…..ever…..that I’ve used.

Small, sleek and gadget packed it does the most important bit really well – a cracking phone with a really good reception. On top is a fairly good battery life (switch off Bluetooth), great screen, polyphonic tones so that you too can annoy everyone with the Airwolf theme, java games, camera and as already mentioned Bluetooth. The Bluetooth actually supports ftp as well so transferring images back and forth is no longer an issue. Even better, the phone is now free on almost all tariffs especially as the T630 is out.