Dismal Rangers

The worst thing about the Man U defeat was the total lack of passion in the game. It’s easy to point out who had the strongest team before the start of the match, but I can hardly think of anyone who showed grit or determination to get the ball. Lovenkrands showed endeavour but had little service. Apart from that only Burke showed enough to suggest he has a rosy future.

As for Capucho & Vanoli – they should be shown the door. I would rather have youngsters playing than those two overpaid diddies. Rangers are now playing for a UEFA Cup place – I just hope they manage that.

PC Upgrade part 2

The pc upgrade is complete and I finally got round to doing a backup. And it worked!! One outcome of the upgrade was how slow XP took to shutdown (startup was fine). A quick Google found a great XP tips site – shutdown is only around 15 seconds now.

Only annoyance is how noisy my processor fan is. A Zalman Flower would solve it, although a motherboard upgrade and a new chip is far more tempting. As well as the flower.

Matrix Revolutions

Really looking forward to seeing the final Matrix film (well final for now I guess). I picked up Reloaded on DVD last week – its only an average film but watching at home was more enjoyable than the cinema where it seemed to take an eternity before the film picked up any sort of pace.

Hopefully some nice plot twists will keep the last film enjoyable although thanks to me reading a massive spoiler in the papers (DOH! Why can’t plots be more clearly marked) some thinks just won’t be a surprise.

IDS out?

It’s not really fair having a laugh at the Tories – even with Labour as dire as they are they still can’t mount a credible opposition. But is seems IDS is on his way out after a leadership vote was called. I don’t think there’s been a poor opposition leader in recent times, although Foot and Kinnock weren�t too hot. I can’t see IDS hanging on but more depressing for British politics is I can’t see a worthy successor either. Labour for third term?!

PC Upgrade

Not posted for a while. The new disk for the pc arrived but as per usual the Windows re-install was far from smooth. XP has always worked fine but for some reason the install disk kept failing at certain files. Turns out the files were placeholders for future apps, but it was niggling all the same. Then some of my hardware wouldn’t work and the drivers, even though built into XP, wouldn’t install. Switch hard disks and the hardware was fine. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Had to mess big style with registry and also drop to safe mode and copy the drivers cab file over again. All pretty straight forward (except it took a couple of hours to get to this point) but if I was a novice I would be stuffed.

So 120gig drive works fine, and I gave into temptation and bought an external caddy for my old disk so that I have a good backup solution for the first time in years. Not that I’ve backed my data up yet…….