PC Upgrade

Not posted for a while. The new disk for the pc arrived but as per usual the Windows re-install was far from smooth. XP has always worked fine but for some reason the install disk kept failing at certain files. Turns out the files were placeholders for future apps, but it was niggling all the same. Then some of my hardware wouldn’t work and the drivers, even though built into XP, wouldn’t install. Switch hard disks and the hardware was fine. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Had to mess big style with registry and also drop to safe mode and copy the drivers cab file over again. All pretty straight forward (except it took a couple of hours to get to this point) but if I was a novice I would be stuffed.

So 120gig drive works fine, and I gave into temptation and bought an external caddy for my old disk so that I have a good backup solution for the first time in years. Not that I’ve backed my data up yet…….

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