Windows 98……sigh

Mental note no 43 – setting up a pc with Windows 98 is now officially difficult and will induce a migraine that keeps you in bed for a few hours more than normal. Fact. After fixing a machine a few weeks ago the only thing left after the virus had done it’s stuff was a sick soundcard. I reckoned it would be best to start from scratch and re-install everything.

Everything went well until the last bit of hardware, the webcam. What a bugger. It works in one bit of the creative software but not in an other. Then Autocad wouldn’t install, Office 97 was screwed, Photoshop Album wouldn’t run etc etc etc. Nightmare.

I now officially have ‘The FEAR’ when re-installing old operating systems. The driver support for new hardware is shockingly bad, although it should be noted that it’s a Creative card and their support is not the best.

The good news is that I’ve finally met someone with almost the same sense of humour/banter that I have – it got very surreal when we could predict each others responses. Class!

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