Who’d be a politician?

Two Scots politicians made the news this week. One told some lies, was totally back stabbed by his party but then gained respect in how he finally stepped down. The other has also told some lies (but no one can really prove when), has also been back stabbed by his old party and could only find respect by naming his new party after the word.

…just a bit of a dick.

So a well done and sympathies to Charles Kennedy who suffered a pretty messy execution by his own party. I actually thought he did well for the Liberals and took them to places they could only previously dream about. It’s also a ‘wish he would just go away’ to George Galloway who entered the Big Brother house this week. I remember when he was MP for Glasgow Kelvin – I thought he did nothing for his constituents then – how can he be serving those in Bethnal Green when he’s on a TV show bathing in his own self publicity. Murial Gray summed him up nicely in today’s Herald – just a bit of a dick.

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  1. David says:

    Muriel managed to have a go at 3 of my least favourite people!
    I considered George Galloway a self serving publicity whore when he was our MP 15 years ago, and lurching from allegation to allegation seems to have done nothing but fuel his ego over the years…

    Bono and Bob are just a couple of egomaniacs with too much time on their hands, a large dose of liberal guilt, and just fly enough to talk the relatively poverty stricken of the west into parting with their cash while hanging on to the substantial piles of their own. At least Bob has had the good grace not to inflict his piss poor music on us while he does it…

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