Weekly Digest

A week off from work taking a well earned break last week. All was going well until Friday when I had a bit of a health relapse but overall a good week. The change in season seems to have happened overnight…I’m sure I woke up on Thursday and it was all of a sudden Autumn. But it was good to get out and about with the camera for a few days. Hopefully get some more shots this week if the weather holds.

I also gave Prime Now a go for the first time and it worked well although I was surprised at seeing a tip option in the order. Does this go directly to the driver? Are Amazon not paying full rates and hoping tips make up the difference?

I’ve only recently joined Netflix (I know, how late am I?) and half way through Stranger Things and started on Luke Cage. I recommend The White Helmets which is a great documentary and back in on The Fall on the BBC.

After a few years gap picked up Fifa 17 and so far enjoying it. The new Bon Iver album, 22 A Million, is worth a listen and shout out to Deacon Blue and their new album Believers which came out last week too.


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