Weekly Digest

Finished work for the year last week so I’ve got 20 days off until returning on Jan 4th. Plenty of present buying completed…and I’ve got AirPods on the way too.

Two films in the last few days which couldn’t be more contrasting.

Rogue One – Enjoyed it and it ticked some of the Stars Wars boxes but also did things differently with a sombre tone at times. Looked stunning and considering everyone knew what was going to happen they did well to keep the story interesting. Still not sold on CGI actors and I’d love to know why some scenes from the early trailers never made the final cut. Also loved bitter droid. Need a BB-8 and K-2SO buddy movie.

Suicide Squad – A travesty of a movie. Imagine 20-30 music videos played back to back, with a seemingly connected story, but each one shot by a different director and written by a different writer. In fact that would have delivered a better movie than Suicide Squad. Crap dialogue, a focus on ass shots from the director, a terrible plot and a truly awful joker. Complete shite.


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