Warning – Messenger Plus

For a while now I’ve been using Messenger Plus which is a nice addon to messenger for Windows. However today via a helpful automatic update it installed some nasty spyware and an obtrusive IE toolbar for some websearching firm which no matter how many times you switched it off, it would reappear. After a half hour of trying to gain control an uninstall of Messenger Plus had sorted it out.

I then ran an ad-aware scan which removed a further 130 (bloody hell) nasty spyware entries on my machine. You just can’t surf safely nowadays. Thats what I get for not using Firefox more, now my default browser.

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah….if I had a pound for every bright idea you had and never put into practise I could buy a shipyard if I felt that way inclined.

    I do actually have firefox installed, just not my default…blah blah blah. Dog!

  2. Yep – I think it was back in October you waxed lyrical on Firefox. How much more of this blog is ‘do as I say, not do as I do’? It all installs in a single directory so it’s easy to get rid of if you don’t like it -as if!

    Check out the extensions -click to play Flash and maybe mouse gestures as well. Typing ahead to search a web page is very good.

    Now that Royal Bank of Scotland support Firefox for online banking I don’t need IE at all. Nothing to stop a complete migration to Linux.

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