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I don’t comment too much on the old t’internet but when I do I easily lose track of where the comment was and the subsequent follow on comments and questions. coComment looked like providing a solution but it was limited in tracking only other coComment members. Last week I tried the new Commentful service which worked well tracking blogs, Flickr and avforums with ease and let you know via a Firefox extension when new comments arrived. However you can only track a conversation for three days which is just way too short although the maximum of 30 conversations wasn’t an issue. Shame as I really liked the site.

However coComment has just been updated and finally looks like meeting my needs. You can now:

  • Track comments of non coComment members
  • Track comments that you haven’t contributed to
  • Create a comment page about a webpage that doesn’t support commenting
  • Use the Firefox extension to easily see new comments when they arrive or track new comments – and this time it seems to be stable

Highly recommended service and great add-on to Firefox for frequent commenter’s.

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  1. Talkrhubarb says:

    I use it on Safari and it works pretty well there too.

  2. Ian, good thoughts. I’ve pulled together the reactions of 22 bloggers to coComment and gotten a decent conversation thread going on at my blog. I’d like to hear your input there as well.

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