Just had The Sun and The Mirror reporters visiting our house. It turns out the family that is missing in Benbecula used to stay in our house (5 years ago). It brings the tragedy even closer to home and makes the small damage the house got last night seem meaningless. It also makes you wonder how the press got this address as it wasn’t the previous owners but the ones before that are missing – irrelevant but annoying all the same. My thoughts go out to the family and their relatives tonight.

The Storm

Last nights wind’s were strong. Very strong. Our house suffered a bit of damage but thankfully not too much. Those were some of the strongest and most consistent winds I’ve felt in a long time. Thankfully a friendly roofer came and fixed the damage so we shouldn’t let in too much more water! I say friendly – he was all out to fleece us for as much as he could get but that’s tradesmen for you.

Now the weather’s changed to hail and snow. Joy.