Work Hell

This has been a terrible week at work. Quite possibly the worst ever and definitely the worst this year by a country mile. Worse is that the rant that was about to unfold here will have to wait for another rainy day (tomorrow?!?) as that familiar migraine feeling has arrived. Like someone pressing down on the back of my eye and a slightly blurred vision on the screen. Popped 2 pinks for what its worth as in half an hour I’ll be in agony in a blacked out room trying to sleep this off.

Hopefully tomorrow things won’t seem so bad.

Hot In Here

Its 9AM, the suns blazing down outside and its 26C in work already. Tempers are frayed and the day feels long and I’ve only been here an hour. I wonder if there’s any regulations about a workplace being too hot. The fans are on but they only help to push the warm air around – so thats how a fan assisted oven works!