0 thoughts on “Switched”

  1. Ian D says:

    24″, 2 gig Ram, 256Meg graphics card, wireless keyboard & mouse.

  2. zerolight says:

    Ah. I went for the exact same thing without the wireless k & b.

  3. zerolight says:

    Can I buy your logitech wireless mouse?

  4. Ian D says:

    Nope – not selling it.

  5. zerolight says:

    Just installed itunes 7 on my outgoing Mac. Yuck. Where’s the aqua gone? Bland grey sliders in place of the lovely flowing aqua. I hope that’s not a sign of things to come.

  6. zerolight says:

    Good grief. Ian, I think we’ll need to order new desks, reinforced with krytonite.


  7. Ian D says:

    Looks fine 🙂

    Means it won’t just be me filling the room anymore.

  8. zerolight says:

    Just noticed that the 7600GT is no slouch as a graphics card. It’s significantly better than the once high end X800Pro I had in my PC. The quick benchmarking search I did looking for a comparison yielded Half Life 2 at 37fps on the X800Pro and 55fps on the 7600GT. There’ll be a very very small temptation to dual boot to XP so that I can try out Half Life 2 on the Mac (I bought it on Steam so it’s only a download away). I seriously doubt I’ll bother wasting the disk space though.

  9. Ian D says:

    I’ll try dual booting and parallel also. There is some windows software that I need to run and dual booting will hopefully be guaranteed to work, just be nicer with parallels.

  10. Talkrhubarb says:

    No new desks required G. Just one of these
    VESA mount adaptor and a suitable wall mounting 😉

    Parallels is the way to go. Convenience and security of virtualisation. Particularly if you have no shared disk areas. You can reinitialise every so often and the compressed image doesn’t even take up that much space.

  11. zerolight says:

    Which Windows apps do you need?

  12. Ian D says:

    A couple of Windows apps that I use and need to continue using only work with Windows. No mac equivalents. there’s also things like my update software for the phone – again Windows only.

    As H has already said, Parallels will be my first port of call when I get up and running.

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