Sky Trilogy

Sky announced a brand new service today – Trilogy. Surprisingly there are three main features to this service:

1) Sky will take pre-orders for the service months before it comes out and take your money the day you pre-order the service, not the day you start using the service (although this is probably to avoid confusion as they have no clue when you will start using their service).

2) They will move the start date of the service to…whenever they please.

3) When the engineer finally shows up to install the service he’ll struggle to fit a dish and/or deliver a box that doesn’t work. That last part is for special customers only.

Of course there is no such thing as Trilogy. There is however such a thing as another delay to my HD install. The engineer couldn’t fit the dish – requires high install team. God damn sons of bitches. So I’ve got the choice of fitting the dish to my garage or the shared chimney with my neighbour. I’ll plump for the garage as it’s probably easier in the long run. I learned last year with fences that seemingly innocuous things turn difficult when your neighbour is involved. Main worry was that the high install team are in high demand and it could be weeks. Thankfully I’ve got a booking for Saturday 10th June. So I’ll miss the first game of the World Cup but hopefully that is all.

So from pre-ordering at the end of March I’ve had install dates of 23rd May, 27th May, 30th May and now 10th June. I just hope that when I do eventually get a box it works. They’ve had everyone’s £300 who pre-ordered since end of March – that’s £12 million. If you do end up cancelling they have problems refunding credit cards so it will take 6-8 weeks to issue a cheque. Rupert Murdoch – genius or cunt.

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  1. “Rupert Murdoch – genius or cnut.”

    Thats the most annoyed I’ve ever heard you be!


  2. You should see him lose a game on Tekken 3 …

    or … wait till you see him think he won’t get enough Frosties for breakfast 😉

  3. Very droll! It reminds me of a story I heard about a journo at the Sun going to Murdoch saying what a terrible rip-off the 0898 numbers advertised in his papers were and he should stop advertising them. His response was typical apparently: “Son, those numbers make me over a million pounds a year. I’ll keep running them till you come up with a business that makes more money” or some such irresponsible remark.

  4. Ian’s the coolest guy I know, and I’ll tell him that personally when I accept his gracious invite to watch the entire World Cup in the comfort of his Glesga pad complete with HDTV.

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