Site Tweaktastic

Made a few more little changes. First up is the name. Got fed up with ‘pessimism and hope’ so re-named to the original ‘’. Was so tempted to move domains to ‘turned on by technology’ but resisted due to costs, hassle and a nagging doubt that I would get bored with that domain and want to switch to something else. So the tagline for the site is ‘turned on by technology’ but who knows what I could be turned on by in the future.

Inspired by the name change I sorted out a wee-mee image for gravatar and the favicon. Next was the updating blog roll which I’ve missed – ended up back with blogrolling for that one. While on links I’ve removed the redundant ones and also pushed the links section down to the bottom right. Tidy.

Finally…a contacts form has been added and a stats page re-introduced. Sorted. GeoURL is also back up so you can stalk local bloggers. Soon I’ll have a look at Plogger which looks to be a nice simple gallery…although Flickr may be the way to go.

0 thoughts on “Site Tweaktastic”

  1. Gordon says:

    I’d go with Flickr. And glad to hear your a Super Nanny “fan” as well… er.. i think..

    And yes, I’ll update MY blogroll with YOUR name change (although be aware that not everyone will – some people still have me listed under “Something” my old site name)

  2. zerolight says:

    Why you moving away from Gallery? It works a treat. I tried flickr, and coppermine, but Gallery was by far the best,

  3. Ian D says:

    Flickr…..tags are nice as is the notes facility. Dunno yet. I’ve got a Flickr beta account – just never used it that much. Flickr is also the ‘in thing’ for bloggers at the moment although the Yahho purchase might change things – Flickr! anyone? And thanks for updating Gordon – wouldn’t want YOUR blogroll to be out of sync with MY website name – don’t think many others link here so it’s not a big problem.

  4. Ricky Dee says:

    Just noticed, in IE6 the footer div is offset by 1 pixel to the left. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix 🙂

  5. Ian D says:

    Pah….bloody IE. If I used IE I would fix it but to be honest I can’t be arsed. It’ll be something fiddly and obscure…just think of it as punishment for using IE.

  6. Ricky Dee says:

    I feel your pain but that’s not the attitude that made Britain Great. Personally, I couldn’t sleep at night knowing it was there… 1 px just one little pixel, gnawing away at your brain, destroying the zen like calm you’ve created on the site… 86% off all internet users not seeing it in all it’s glory. Up to you.

  7. Ian D says:

    Nice try. Less than 50% of people browsing this site use IE. Still don’t care – I’m off to play with my 1Gig Pro Duo card.

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