Scotland 1 – 0 France

Title say’s it all. Stunning performance from the boys but huge, massive credit to Walter Smith for turning this team around. It will still be an almighty challenge to qualify but we should savour the group table while we can. Three games played, three wins and we’ve just beaten the World Cup runners up. Get in.

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  1. Was at home listening to the radio during the kids bathtime. One could have slipped under the bubbles and I wouldn’t have noticed! David Begg’s commentary on Radio Scotland had me as hyped as that night in Seville. It just goes to show that working as a team can achieve miraculous results. PS. Sorry to the neighbours for screaming at the top of my voice and waving my fists from the open window. PPS. I did get one WOO HOO!!!! back from Big Billy three doors down (kilted up and saltire over his shoulders) and he’s usually Mr Sensible. Come on the Scotland!

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