Rangers 2-2 Villarreal

Woo-hoo. A 2-2 draw is a pretty good result. Could we sneak an away win? Well – I can but hope. What was Prso doing though? Hard to criticise arguably our best player but to handle the ball in the box in the manner that he did in the first five minutes of such an important game…Alan Sugar’s quote in tonights Apprentice sums it up.

Anchor to wanker.

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  1. I was amazed last night at the commentators level of surprise that big Dado handled so blatantly. He’s getting a bad reputation for overall discipline (ok he’s not malicious at all – just a very frequent offender).


    Overall I thought they played pretty well in the circumstances and got a break they maybe deserved. The Spaniards should have put the game well beyond doubt but got far too casual in the second half.

    M’on the coefficent points!

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