Orange Walk

Why were they walking last Saturday? In fact, why do they walk. They attract nothing but trouble wherever they go – most of the folk walking alongside are pissed out of their heads. Its about time the marches were stopped for good. A few months ago a Sunday Herald article took the head of the Orange Order in Scotland to task for the disruption and police costs that the marches cause. He argued that it wasn’t the lodge members but those that chose to march with the Order – he also said they were in the majority.

Well sorry, but thats just bollocks. Saturdays march involved around 8-10 bands. Before they set off around 50-60 men decided they had to relieve themselves before starting. Did they find toilets. Did they hell. Jumped into an office complex and relieved themselves against walls, doors and cars. Were they hangers on – nope. Suited and booted with Orange sashes. And the police just watched. I cannot wait to move from this area – hopefully Saturday is the last time I need to listen to the drum at 8:30AM.

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