Magnificent Seven

What a player Larsson is. Great to see him back in Scottish football playing better than ever. In all honesty the better team won – if the game was judged on the first 20 minutes of the second half then Celtic could feel aggrieved but over the 90 minutes they were outclassed. At least there still in the Champions league!

One year on and what a difference a year makes. I’ve said elsewhere that McLeish would be out by November – I now think he’s one dodgy result away from being shown the door. The real poser is this – who could replace him and do any better?

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  1. The thing that amazes me, is that despite the gulf between the clubs in terms of spending on players, Celtic managed to compete admirably. And there was a very short spell where they looked like they might just go on and win the game.
    Of course all this will be lost on the blind blue bigots in the office tomorrow. It will seem they watched a different game from their gloating, and the fact that Rangers couldn’t qualify for this jewel of football tournaments is a mere detail, filed along with what they had for breakfast a week ago last Monday, only less memorable. They find a Celtic defeat far,far sweeter than a Rangers victory.
    No matter how long I live in Glasgow I’ll never understand the Old Firm rivalry.

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