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Finally I can ditch Time Machine. SuperDuper 2.5 was released today and is at last compatible with Leopard. This is a superb backup tool and while Time Machine filled the gap it doesn’t really cut it for me as a proper backup tool. Especially when you look at how it backs up sparse files like Yojimbo and iDisk. What a waste of space! While it’s easy enough to disable certain folders in Time Machine I prefer to know I have a bootable backup disk that has everything I need to get back in action should my disk fail.

iPhone and iPod Touch upgrades. iPhone now comes in 8 & 16GB while the Touch comes in at 16 & 32GB. iPhone 16GB retails at £329 which doesn’t seem to bad. Certainly the extra room is needed as 8GB felt too small. Now that my current T-Mobile contract has ended I’m more tempted than ever to buy an iPhone, especially with developer app’s coming in the next month or so. Other expenses, lack of 3G plus some other missing features and a nagging ‘don’t do it’ means I’ll probably wait until later in the year. Probably. Nice to see the new iPhone’s available in the Uk from today as well – no six month delay this time!

XBMC. A lovely media player for the original (hacked) Xbox. Well today the 0.1 release for OSX XBMC has been made available. It’s an early release, quite buggy but it’s a start and shows what has been achieved in eight weeks of development time.

Final thought – Apple – please buy Flickr. Would make a great companion to iPhoto, especially compared to .Mac galleries. It’ll never happen but if you don’t ask…you might end up with Microsoft owning Flickr. Thinking about it, it might mean no difference to Flickr apart from some decent maps instead of the sucky Yahoo ones if MS bought Yahoo, but it just doesn’t feel right. I can’t believe MS won’t affect the Flickr service detrimentally if the buyout takes place. Maybe not immediately but over time the service and community would probably start to deteriorate. Let’s hope not.

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  1. Got the N95 and very happy with it. A touch screen would be nice, and the internal gps seems a bit rubbish (I have a tomtom receiver that is very reliable). Liking the phone a hell of a lot more than my old 6600 though, just so many features, and much more user friendly.

  2. The N95 is a great phone. Very easy to customise and add app’s to. If I wasn’t mac happy then I would probably move to that phone. Advantage of iPhone for me would be syncing with mac’s at home and also the .mac service.

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