One week to go until Leopard is launched for the Mac. I shouldn’t really but I’m considering popping along to the Glasgow store after 6 next Friday to pick up my copy. If I don’t get it then it will probably on Sunday with Shakeel who’ll be up for the weekend. It’s odd – never looked forward to Windows O/S launches this much.

The Finder improvements look to be welcome along with the small improvements to Mail, Address Book and iCal. Spaces and Time Machine look useful too although there’s some smaller things that caught my eye like using expose to turn off the display and stacks to quickly get to common files and folders. The updated Front Row with new Apple TV front end should be a nice addition. iChat has a ton of new features as well…but I hardly ever use it!

However there is quite a bit of fluff in there. Mail Templates look like all that was wrong with Outlook stationary and extra photo booth settings aren’t really my thing.

The big question – how to upgrade. Take the easy route and install on top or format and start fresh. I’ll probably choose the latter even though it will take a bit more work. If your interested a new guided tour of Leopard has just been posted at apple.com.

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