Le Guen

So Rangers have finally confirmed that Paul le Guen is the new manager, only the twelth in their history. No big surprise except for the way it was announced – via their website and not with a big press conference. Hopefully Le Guen will use the war chest he’s been promised wisely – too many managers in the past have spent vast amounts of money for very little return – Flo anyone?

McLeish did a good job on very little money. Tuesday nights exit from the Champions League was typical of Scottish teams in Europe – so near but yet so far. Shame.

To finish on a moan – why does the official Rangers website only show the league up to 2nd place? Shocking that they can’t accept that Celtic are runaway league winners this year. Poor form.

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  1. Indeed, poor form – so I emailed them and asked what gives? We shall see if we get a response. Interesting seeing Chairman Dave go into positive spin overload after the poor press last week re UEFA and those naughty ditties some like to sing. Time will tell what PLG does with the money he’s given – more than enough ammunition to start worries alround at Parkhead methinks.

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