iTunes Update

Well, Apple have sold 1 million tracks in the 3 days since the windows version of iTunes was released. Very impressive, but hopefully they will fix a couple of issues with the software. The biggie for me is that iTunes dumps every file mp3 file into one folder on the iPod meaning it skips tracks when trying to seek a file. Other software spreads the tracks through 20 folders to avoid this problem. Apart from this is all works pretty well.

However the increasing amount of mp3’s means I need a new hard disk. 45 gig just isn’t enough anymore, and thats without backup! So I’ve ordered a 120 gig Seagate which will hopefully get here for the weekend. Then its just a case of starting from scratch with Windows. Lovely. An hour to install, probably 2 hours downloading from Windows update. Then I can start to install some software. All legal off course 😉

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  1. Gosh. That had me confused. I read this as a related link to your Apple post. I assumed the post was talking about iTunes 7. I was kinda baffled by your negativity over iTunes, and talk of upgrading a 45GB drive to a 120GB drive before installing Windows. I’m thinking, wait… hasn’t this man just ordered a Mac? And a new iPod with an 80GB drive. What’s going on? Then I read “6 years and 9 months ago”. Oops.

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