It’s All Over

The Olympics that is. The last event, the men’s marathon was spoiled by some nutter running onto the track and pushing the leader into a barrier. I’m sure it’s the same idiot that ran onto a grand prix track last year (Silverstone?). Don’t think it affected the outcome as the guy was tiring but to think you’ve spent four years training for someone to do that. Fool.

Highlights have to be Kelly Holmes, Matthew Pincent and Amir Kahn. The 1500m was superb and to top the night off the shock of the men 4x100m – I thought the Americans had snatched it but 1/100th of a second is all that matters. Pity about the boxing but the kid (17!!) did really well to get to the final. These have been great games with something to watch almost every day – previous Olympics have always got off to a slow start or had dull days but not this time. Roll on Beijing.

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  1. Drink!……

    ‘GP priest’ ruins Olympic marathon

    A deranged priest who ran up Hangar Straight at Silverstone last year has now wreaked havoc at the Olympic Games. Cornelius ‘Neil’ Horan, 57, jumped onto the men’s marathon road and tackled leader Vanderlei de Lima, of Brazil, to the ground.

    Again, he wore a kilt but this time also the Star of David. His shirt read ‘The Grand Prix Priest. ‘The Second Coming is Near.’

    A spokesman in the Greek government said Horan had been arrested and detained and a police source claimed he was ‘also drunk.’

    A few minutes after the scuffle, de Lima was overtaken and finished third, but the IOC insisted the result would stand. Horan served two months in jail for the Silverstone stunt.

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