Hands Off Yorkhill

Greater Glasgow NHS board are rumoured to be closing firstly the Queen Mum’s Hospital and then Yorkhill Sick Kids. They seem hell-bent in reducing the number of hospitals no matter how good or well renowned they are. A number of online petitions have started to allow people to voice their opposition with the main petition found here at the Evening Times. Please register – it may make a difference.

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  1. I was deeply upset to hear that The Queen Mother Hospital and Yorkhill sick kids might be closing. When i had my son Mark at the Queen Mothers Hospital 28/08/03 he had to be taken away from me straight away as his lungs were not functioning properly. After 3 days he was transfered to Yorkhill as his lungs collapsed. He was put on an ECMO machine that took over the workings of his lungs so that they could rest and they could repair themselves. Yorkhill is the only hospital in Scotland with this machine and I was very lucky that he only had to be transfered through a walkway to receive his treatment. When he was 3 days old he had a 20% survival rate, with the help of the experienced staff and life saving equipment my son is now a very healthy and happy 7 month old baby. This is only one baby that they saved but think about the babies that could die if this Hospital closes. I will do everything I can to see that it does not happen

  2. Im really upset about the proposal to shut the maternity ward down,as i am now pregnant with my 3rd child of which i feel should be born at the Queen Mums just like her sister and brother where i feel that this would be a bad move to close such a great live saving and life giving hospital. so i feel as a mum to be i will do everything in my power to stop this from happening!!

  3. I am saddened to hear of proposals to shut down the Queen Mums Hospital and Yorkhill Sick Kids Hospital. Our baby Dylan died in Yorkhill Hospital on 2 August 2000, he was only 11 days old. The team in the Special Care Baby Unit were exceptional and did everything they could to save Dylan. The level of expertise and caring we experienced is something that won’t be replaced if Yorkhill is closed. My family and friends have supported the Special Care Baby Unit, the Scottish Cot Death Trust based in the hospital and Ronald McDonald House since Dylan’s death and do what we can to help raise funds. At the moment I am organising a sponsored cycling event for next summer. I hope that by then the opinions of medical experts and the general public will have forced Greater Glasgow Health Board to keep their hands off Yorkhill. We will continue to raise funds in hope in the meantime.

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