Last year I tried to get some photo’s of the Glasgow Green firework display with mixed success. Wind didn’t help and where we pitched our camera’s was very busy and the locals were not often….friendly. So this year with a clear night promised I tried Queens Park with Shak. Surprisingly it was really busy but then again the view was pretty great.

Glasgow Fireworks 2016

I’d hoped to do a long exposure and capture lots of fireworks as they were set off over the city and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. The rest of the pics were fairly standard firework photo’s but do capture what I was seeing.

Glasgow Fireworks 2016

Glasgow Fireworks 2016

I was let down by a couple of things. The Triggertrap I was using for long exposures worked occasionally rather than every time. No idea why but something I need to investigate. Not sure if it’s the lightning to headphone jack dongle.

The biggest let down though was me. My lack of knowledge was poor last night. No prep, don’t know my gear and it was only thanks to Shak that I got some pics later on with some great advice. Must try harder!

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