Cheaper Broadband

After a short wait and lot’s of hoping PlusNet have finally launched their new pricing structure. So today I was able to switch to 1Meg broadband, around 200Gb download cap and a hopeful upgrade to 2Meg in the next month or so for a monthly fee of £21.99. Lovely. Had to pay £14.99 to change from paying £29.99 a month but I’ll make that back by summer.

Just need to wait for BT to start rolling out their 8Meg products later in the year to get 8Meg for £21.99 – that will be a bargain.

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  1. Completely unrelated and only because I can’t find an email address for you…

    I spotted yer comments on wee David’s site – how long have you been at Yarrow’s? Is there even a remote possibility that you know Ian Campbell, he used to work there a while ago, electrical engineer type bod.

    Just wondering if this is a small world coincidence or not.

  2. The link is on the….ok – it’s not on the front page. Lost during upgrade.

    Scary – I did know an Iain Campbell. Left about 6-7 years ago? Used to work in commissioning as an electrical engineer type bod. Last time I saw him….getting a bit plump, short greyish hair and if I’m doing the character assasination any justice he had quite a camp voice. Well I thought so anyway.

    Small world?

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