Ben Chonzie

It’s been over three months since my last hill walk, due to a variety of reasons mostly involving the pish weather we’ve been having recently. So I was sitting with Danny on Friday moaning about our lack of walks and mentioned it was to be nice this weekend. We both had some muscle pains though. A quick Google search for the easiest munro turned up Ben Chonzie – 12 hours later and I’d ticked off another munro. Result!

Ian on Ben Chonzie

Ben Chonzie is easy for a few reasons. Firstly, you start from around 200m unlike the many that start form sea level. Secondly for 2/4 of the route you follow a land rover track which isn’t too steep. Once you come of the track and get near the summit there is a fence post that you can follow to take you to the summit. Overall it’s an undemanding walk but we struck it lucky with the weather and it was a great day considering the cold start.

Ben Chonzie

Great views all around but sitting at the top for some lunch was pretty chilly and I was glad of the hat and gloves. If someone is keen to try walking, pretty fit and wants to do a munro then Ben Chonzie is a good choice, but with the warning that this is a lot easier than other munro’s that I’ve done. It’s also a good winter hill as the fence posts at the top and wide track on the way up help with navigation in the snow.

Ben Chonzie - Runkeeper

The full set of pics (not many) is available on Flickr. One final thing. Me and Danny can easily talk all day about a variety of different topics, funnily enough we always agree that we’re experts in these topics 🙂 One that we stumbled on was McEwan’s Lager and this advert. Enjoy.

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