Apple…bad press?

Looks like for once Apple isn’t flavour of the month. Firstly their refusal to sell Do They Know It’s Christmas and then their inevitable climbdown. Now the EU & Which are after them for selling songs from it’s music store at a higher price in the UK than anywhere else. Overcharging in the UK is nothing new and as usual I can see no change being made to the pricing structure.

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  1. I was puzzled by this story. Apple’s business plan is based on overcharging for everything and always has been. A replacement battery for an iPod is an obscene cost especially considering it will be be sold to Apple by their suppliers at no more than 5USD.

  2. But generally, Apple doesn’t seem to pick up much in the way of negtive press. I love my iPod, but it’s battery life is poor, when the battery goes it’ll cost me big bucks to replace (and it’ll have to be sent off) and their support for current models goes out the window when a new gen iPod is released. They also lack some vital features and are expensive…..but I would still buy another one if something happened to my current iPod. Sigh.

  3. As a designer I’m all too painfully aware that Apple is 90% style over substance with some generally great marketing thrown in. Now Sony has embraced MP3, it’s only a matter of time before Apple’s share starts to slip.

  4. Maybe – Sony is another style over substance compnay in my book. Although the marketing they use is superb as well. iRiver produces great products but don’t get the market share they deserve.

  5. I agree that Sony is the same side of the Apple coin but their marketing reach and penetration is unbeatable (but overpriced as you say). As for your iPod battery remember to follow the guidelines I made on my blog about using rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs. My boss got his phone a couple of months before me but he’s on his third battery (he constantly tops up the charge) and he’s on his 5th laptop battery (again constantly on top up charge). If you can, try and give it a full discharge cycle before re-charging. Your battery will last must longer and will hold it’s capacity better. Once the damage is done though it’s a slippery slope and Steve Jobs will be only too happy to take your cash for a 5 dollar battery 🙂

  6. Apple over charge on purpose. Simple.

    It’s a tactic used by a lot of companies, called (something like) premium ownership.

    Charge more and people presume that they are getting a superior product. Obviously you need to make your product to a certain standard, but nothing like the actual cost/price.

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