A decade has passed…

…since I graduated from Uni. A lot has happened in the last 10 years but strangely some things are still the same. Have things turned out as I expected – feck no. But things could have been a whole lot worse so I guess I should be relatively happy with my lot.

The graduations at Glasgow Uni are pretty cool (well I thought so). Bute Hall, quadrangles, nice weather, loads of folk dressed up all made for quite a special day. Photo’s can be found here (although they’ll be moving to a Flickr account soon). We haven’t aged one bit, or put on any weight. Ricky’s take on things here.

0 thoughts on “A decade has passed…”

  1. If anything I am even more damned attractive than I was back then, but I am 14lb heavier than I was 10 years ago (all muscle I’m sure!).

    I’m sure the rest of you will be willing to chart your weight loss, or less likely, gain though…

  2. I can’t say for certain exactly what I weighed when we graduated, somewhere around the 16 stone mark I suppose, current weight is 14.5 stone, so around a 21 lb loss. Hair loss is probably running at a similar percentage though…….

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