World Cup 2006…..Hi-Def

Well done BBC – they are broadcasting the World Cup in Hi-Def. Wimbledon too and also Planet Earth plus more. Available to Sky, Telewest & NTL users who have HD. Freeview will miss out although some trialists in London may get it.

I will be subscribing to a digital service to get this (currently Freeview only)…only question is which one?

Update. Sky announced their pricing yesterday….I’ve now pre-ordered Sky HD. Hopefully installed in May in time for the summers sporting events. Just need to work out how to pay for it.

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  1. Greg says:

    With HDTV becoming more and more popular over here (just about every decent sporting event like NBA, NFL and what have you, is broadcast in HD as well as top shows like Lost, House, Grey’s Anatomy etc) I’ll give the ol’ beeb a big thumbs up…

    Maybe this will spark a rush of HDTV’s being bought in the stores, like the World Cup of 2002 did for widescreen TV’s, and push the digital revolution even further forward

  2. Ian D says:

    The beeb is worth every penny of the licencse fee. HD is tip of iceberg. Their website offerings are great and more and more of their content is downloadable for free which is a lot more than can be said for other broadcasters. Watching Planet Earth alone is worthy of the fee.

    Sky will need to release some details before there is a rush…with this announcement and the footie less than three months away I would have thought April will be the month for info. NTL have dropped their mpg4 pvr plans so it looks like they’ll use the mpg2 tech that Telewest have rolled out. Sky and nasty Mr Murdoch may be my only option.

  3. Gordon says:

    Nasty Mr Murdoch is true but I do love my NBA and they are the only lot who show it regularly. That aside Sky+ is a joy but DO get the bigger model (or fit yer own harddrive into a smaller one).

    If you DO decide to go with Sky let me know, I can ‘introduce’ you and you’ll get your subscription for half price for the first four months (time it right and get the full Sports package over the World Cup then drop it afterwards maybe??)

  4. Ian D says:

    Thanks for the offer – I’ll be in touch once I know what I’m doing.

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